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Need A Security System For Your Office?! Call Our Professional Technicians!

There are many different considerations when choosing a security system for your office. From keyless entry to CCTV cameras you can trust the professional locksmiths and technicians from Locks & Keys. 

What We Offer!

We offer 24-hour emergency services for businesses and other commercial matters in Massachusetts and parts of Southern New Hampshire. Our expert locksmiths and technicians can solve any security problems for you quickly and help you get back to work as fast as possible. No matter what type of industrial security you have, or want, the type of commercial building, or office space you reside in, we have experienced locksmiths and technicians who will solve all your problems.


Fast paced services

We have a huge team of expert reliable locksmiths and security technicians, ensuring one is always available to cater to your emergency. When you request for the services, we provide the location details to our experts, and they will immediately head towards the location.

Security is our expertise

Our expertise in security systems and services make us the best and most reliable option whenever you are in need. Our professionals are trained to carefully handle any security system type and fix your problem.

Call us now for the immediate services!

Give us a call at 781-933-9999 & let us know your location and we will head on over.

For further information you may also email us at

We are here for you!

“Don’t struggle with security, call the experts”