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Each unit comes equipped with an interior locker to accommodate deposits, a large interior for storage of cash trays, and a door-mounted, recessed coin rack.

Extensive research and development went into the engineering of AMSEC’s Wide Body, “B” Rate cash handling depository safes. Designed to offer complete cash management versatility with a wide selection of depository options such as a top, front or rear load depository, one to three deposit slots or a pull- out deposit drawer.

BWB Standard Body Features:
  • Door: Massive 1/2" thick A36 solid steel plate.
  • Formed high tensile steel body and jamb construction to maximize protection against pry attack.
  • Reinforced internal jambs on all four sides to provide protection against sledgehammer attack.
  • U.L. listed Group II, key changeable combination lock.
  • 3-way locking mechanism consisting of five 1" diameter chromed steel locking bolts.
  • Bolt detent system engages boltwork automatically.
  • Locks and relocks protected by a large carburized hardplate.
  • Auxiliary spring-loaded relocking devices.
  • Convenient, door-mounted, recessed coin rack.
Interior Locker Features:
  • Heavy 1/4" steel door, with Medeco® high security camlock.
  • Large clear door opening: 6"H x 12"W.
  • Inside Dimensions:
    BWB2020/BWB3020: 8-5/8" x 19-3/4" x 14" BWB2025/BWB3025: 8-5/8" x 24-3/4" x 19"
  • Note: Top or Front Load Depository - inside locker height restricted to 6".
Deposit Drawer Features:
  • Large “fish” resistant, pull out drop drawer deposits directly into standard interior locker. Drawer size: 1-1/8 x 3-1/2 x 7-1/2
  • Heavy duty steel sliding drawer.
Deposit Slot Features:
  • Convenient 1/4" x 4-7/16" opening, equipped with a steel money pusher to maximize “fish” resistance.
  • Cash bins are provided in interior locker of safes with two or three slots.
Top Load Depository Features:
  • Large rotary style formed heavy duty steel hopper.
  • Handle activated and designed for smooth money drop.
  • Large package capacity: 6-1/2" x 5" x 12" (maximum).
Front Load Depository Features:
  • Recessed heavy duty 1/8" construction with 1/8" door.
  • Protected by dual “anti-fish baffles.”
  • Large package capacity: 3-1/2" x 9" x 11-1/2" (maximum).
  • May be ordered in any one of four directions. Specify front, reversed, right load or left load.

IMPORTANT: AMSEC Depository safes are recommended for any operation that requires a non-returnable deposit such as armored car companies, convenience stores, restaurants, etc. The top locker is not meant for overnight storage of cash or valuables.

H x W x D
H x W x D
Cubic Inch
BWB2020 19-3/4 x 19-3/4 x 17 20 x 20 x 20 14-3/4 x 16-1/4 6,631 170 1
BWB3020 29-3/4 x 19-3/4 x 17 30 x 20 x 20 24-3/4 x 16-1/4 9,988 270 2
BWB2025 19-3/4 x 24-3/4 x 22 20 x 25 x 25 14-3/4 x 21-1/4 10,753 250 1
BWB3025 29-3/4 x 24-3/4 x 22 30 x 25 x 25 24-3/4 x 21-1/4 16,198 290 2
BWB4020 39-3/4 x 19-3/4 x 17 40 x 20 x 20 34-3/4 x 16-1/4 13,346 340 3
BWB4025 39-3/4 x 24-3/4 x 22 40 x 25 x 25 34-3/4 x 21-1/4 21,644 390 3

Specify: D1=Drawer, S1=One Slot, S2=Two Slots, S3=3 Slots.
Specify: TL=Top Load Depository or FL=Front Load Depository.
* Add 10 lbs. to weight for each additional slot.
† Add 8" to height for Top Load Depository and 9-3/4" for Front Load Depository.
Minus 10-3/4" H for clear I.D. with locker.
(Add 50 lbs. for Front Load Depository and 53 lbs. for the Top Load Depository.)

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