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TB0610-2 In-Use

TB0610-2 In-Use

TB1210-6 with Group II Combination Lock (lock option #6)

TB1210-6 with Group II Combination Lock (lock option #6)


Chicago 7 pin radial key camlock (lock option #1-T)


TB0610-2 or TB0612-2 Medeco® single key camlock (Dual key lock option #8 - not shown)


TB0610-7 (without core) or TB0612-7 (with core) Best removable core key lock (lock option #5 with core, lock option #7 without core


TB0610-4 or TB0612-4 Dual custody safe deposit key lock (lock option #4)


TB0610-1 or TB0612-1 Chicago key camlock (lock option #1)


TB0610-3 or TB0612-3 4113 safe deposit key lock (lock option #3)



AMSEC’s Undercounter safes limit excess cash register funds by providing instant protection for interim deposits of cash or checks via the anti-fish deposit slot. Securely positioning the safe next to the cash register limits exposed cash and reduces the threat of robbery and internal theft.

Adaptable for multi-unit installation use, ideal for gun control, staff use, athletic clubs, security areas and much more.


  • Heavy gauge solid steel construction.
  • Full width deposit slot over door equipped with an “anti-fish” saw tooth baffle to guard against pilferage or fishing.
  • Heavy-duty piano hinges.
  • Available in three models with eight different lock options to fit your specialized security requirements.
  • Units can be bolted together utilizing bolt holes.
  • Interchangeable doors allow flexible means of changing locking mechanisms without replacing the entire unit.
  • Two anchor holes provided on all four sides.
  • Attractive and durable powder coated black finish.

Lock Options:

  • Chicago single key camlock equipped with two keys. (Lock option #1)
  • Chicago 7 pin radial key camlock, equipped with 2 keys. (Lock option #1-T)
  • Medeco® U.L. listed high security single key camlock supplied with two keys. Medeco’s restricted keyways protect against unauthorized key duplication. (Lock option #2)
  • S&G single key safe deposit lock supplied with two keys. (Lock option #3)
  • Dual custody safe deposit key lock (two keys required to open safe). (Lock option #4)
  • Best removable core key lock supplied with two opening keys and one control key. (Lock option #5). A removable core system lets you change the combination of any lock in seconds and can easily expand to include new facilities. Can be supplied with or without core. (Lock option #7, without core).
  • S&G Group II key changeable combination lock offers 1 million possible combinations. (Lock option #6).
  • Dual Medeco® U.L. listed high security single key camlocks offer dual custody type operation. Supplied with two keys per lock. (not shown).(Lock option #8).
  • Optional custom key control systems designed to your security requirements:
    1. Master Keyed
    2. Keyed Alike
    3. Keyed Different


  • Deposit envelopes

Heavy Duty Series Model K1 and K2:

  • 1/4" thick A36 solid steel plate hinged door.
  • Full width slot over door.
  • A saw tooth baffle guards against pilferage or fishing.
  • Your choice of U.L. listed dual control keylock (K-2), a single key Medeco® lock (K-1), or a Chicago single key lock (K-1A).
  • “B” Rate steel construction.
  • May be installed vertically or horizontally.
  • May be mounted on or under counter as space permits.
  • Durable, impact resistant Charcoal Gray textured finish.

AMSEC Undercounter safes are recommended for any operation that requires a non-returnable deposit. These safes are not meant for overnight storage of cash.

H x W x D
H x W x D
Cubic Inch
TB0610(*) 5-7/8 x 5-7/8 x 8-7/8 6 x 6 x 10 5-7/8 x 5 289 8
TB0612(*) 5-7/8 x 5-7/8 x 10-7/8 6 x 6 x 12 5-7/8 x 5 359 8
TB1210(*) 11-7/8 x 5-7/8 x 8-3/8 12 x 6 x 10 5-7/8 x 5 585 10
K1/K2 5-5/8 x 5-5/8 x 10 6 x 6 x 12 3-13/16 x 5 316 18

(*) Insert number 1 through 8 to specify lock option.

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